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Aggressive Houston Lawyers Confront Charges of Burglary and Theft

Houston law firm defends individuals accused of property crimes

In prosecuting property crimes, police and prosecutors often overlook key information. At Scardino & Scardino, our Houston lawyers challenge questionable evidence and identify each potential defense that exists for our clients facing theft or burglary charges. Often, these types of allegations are brought based on deceptive or mistaken testimony. We won’t rest until the truth is uncovered and your due process rights are honored. Whether you face a serious charge of robbery or a misdemeanor vandalism charge, you can rely on our attorneys to deliver a comprehensive and compelling defense.

Knowledgeable attorneys offer advice on various types of theft charges

If you’ve been accused of a property offense, our criminal law counselors will explain your legal rights and the specific elements of your charge for crimes including:

  • Burglary — Though many people confuse burglary with robbery, burglary requires someone to break into a property with the intent to commit a theft, assault or felony. This requires proof of the defendant’s mental state, which is often based merely on speculation. Our Houston attorneys can often counter this allegation effectively at trial.
  • Theft — Whether theft is charged as a felony or misdemeanor depends on the value of the item at issue. In most cases, felony charges can be brought if the value of the property taken is equal to or greater than $20,000. But stolen property is often overvalued; we protect your rights by highlighting improper valuations.
  • Robbery — If actual or threatened physical harm is associated with a theft, this can trigger a robbery charge. These counts carry serious penalties both for standard robbery and the first-degree crime of aggravated robbery when serious bodily harm or the use of a deadly weapon is proven.

For all of these alleged crimes, our firm delivers the strongest possible defense and gives you a free initial consultation to outline how your case might proceed.

Lawyers assist with cases involving vandalism and trespassing

Our Harris County legal team work on behalf of clients facing all types of property-related charges. Under state law, intentionally damaging or destroying the property of another is defined as criminal mischief. Criminal mischief can be charged as a felony or misdemeanor depending on the amount of damage involved. We also advise people accused of trespassing based on an alleged unlawful entry onto someone else’s property.

Contact an aggressive Texas criminal defense attorney for a free initial consultation

Scardino & Scardino represents Houston-area clients in criminal cases involving theft and other property crime allegations. Please call 713-229-9292 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our office.