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Thorough Houston Attorneys Defend Clients Accused of Sex Crimes

Accomplished Texas advocates provide strong counsel

An unjust sex crime allegation can severely damage the accused’s reputation even when the charges are ultimately disproven. At Scardino & Scardino in Houston, our attorneys take swift action to find the truth and protect our clients’ rights. In many instances, cases turn on complicated questions of consent or additional information not gathered by law enforcement at the time of arrest. With more than five decades of combined criminal law experience, we have the skill and sensitivity to provide a strong defense, even when the allegations arise from an existing relationship. No matter what the specific charge is, we aggressively pursue a favorable outcome that enables our clients to emerge with their freedom and reputation intact.

Law firm advises defendants facing all types of criminal sexual allegations

Our Houston law firm represents Texans in a full range of sex crime litigation. We provide personalized representation and advice to clients facing charges including:

  • Sexual assault — Texas Penal Code statutes concerning rape are divided into sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault. Sexual assault is classified as a second-degree penalty with a minimum sentence of two years. It covers various types of sexual contact besides intercourse. Aggravated sexual assault can be charged in situations where violence is threatened or used, where “date rape” drugs are given, or when the victim is younger than 14 or older than 65. This count carries a penalty ranging from five to 99 years of incarceration.
  • Sex trafficking — Transporting someone in order to force them into prostitution can lead to serious federal and state criminal charges. However, overzealous prosecutors can misinterpret innocent activity for something sinister. Our knowledgeable advocates understand how to draw important legal distinctions.
  • Prostitution and solicitation — Engaging in a transaction where sex is exchanged for money is a misdemeanor for both parties. If you have been arrested on a prostitution charge, we can represent you and pursue a fair result.

If you have been arrested in connection with a sex crime charge, our experienced criminal law attorneys can review your situation and outline your rights in a free initial consultation.

Contact a diligent Houston criminal defense attorney for a free initial consultation

Scardino & Scardino represents Houston-area clients who have been charged with sex crimes and other criminal counts. Please call 713-229-9292 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our office.