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Houston Attorneys Help Couples Resolve Issues Through Mediation

Accomplished Harris County law firm enables clients to save time and money

Ending a marriage is never easy, and drawn-out divorce litigation can make a bad situation even worse. At Scardino & Scardino in Houston, we help spouses throughout the area resolve their divorce terms through mediation, a method of alternative dispute resolution that keeps divorcing couples out of court. In many cases, a neutral third party can help each side see beyond their differences and work toward an agreement that benefits everyone. Moreover, mediation is a less formal process that allows spouses to maintain control of the time and cost associated with their divorce proceedings. If you believe that you and your partner can reach consensus, we will work tirelessly to protect your rights and enable you to start your new life on a positive note.

Dedicated legal counselors guide clients through the mediation process

The firm’s family law attorneys work diligently to assist spouses who seek to divorce through mediation rather than at trial. In a free initial consultation, we can advise you of what’s involved in divorce mediation, including its:

  • Likelihood of success — Though mediation does not always work, couples who are committed to reaching consensus can often spare themselves the time, expense and aggravation of divorce litigation. Even in a contentious breakup, if both parties recognize the mutual benefit of mediation, they can move on with their lives much more quickly.
  • Procedures — Before you start mediation, we will explain what you can expect and work with you to make the strongest argument before the neutral third party. In mediation, unlike litigation, you and your spouse maintain significant control of the process and can decide whether you wish to speak with the mediator together or prefer to present your side separately.
  • Legal requirements — Mediation does not mean that you compromise any of your legal rights. Our attorneys work just as diligently at the negotiating table as they do in a courtroom. We will pursue the best possible result and ensure that a Rule 11 Agreement, which resolves legal agreements outside of court, is executed in accordance with Texas law.

Though some divorces settle without the assistance of a mediator, a skilled third party often prompts the parties to give up unreasonable requests and work toward a positive conclusion.

Contact an experienced Houston family mediation lawyer for a free initial consultation

Scardino & Scardino represents Houston-area clients in family law mediation relating to divorce, custody or other conflicts. Please call 713-229-9292 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our office.